BEx Explosion and Flameproof Signals for Hazardous Locations

BEx explosion and flameproof signals

  • IECEx & ATEX and additional global approvals for hazardous locations Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 gas and dust environments
  • Complete range of signals; audible, visual, combination, PA loudspeakers and manual call points

  • High output visual signals with peak candela of up to 2,100,000 cd
  • Powerful electronic horns with an output of up to 121dB(A) @ 1 metre or 112dB(A) @ 10ft/3m 
  • Radial alarm horn design for omni-directional sound dispersion up to 117dB(A) @ 1 metre or 108dB(A) @ 10ft/3m  
  • End of line dc monitoring available for all devices  
  • Automatic synchronization on multi electronic horn installations 
  • Xenon tube mechanically secured against vibration and shock
  • Belltronic and Hootronic offer an alternative to electromechanical bells, claxons, sirens and buzzers 
  • Manual call points in break glass, push button and tool reset models  
  • PA loudspeakers rated to 15W and 25W, line transformer and low impedance versions
  • Telephone initiated version available in both audible and visual devices
  • Plated assemblies comprising audible and/or visual signals with junction box.
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