M range heavy duty and marine signals

M range heavy duty and marine signals

  • Fire retardant, IP66 & IP67 housing for harsh environments 
  • Constructed from lightweight impact resistant ABS

  • High output Xenon strobe in 5 Joule or 10 Joule versions or dual 5 Joule model 
  • Multi-function high intensity LED beacon 
  • High performance alarm horns with up to 126 dB(A) @ 1m or 117 dB(A) @ 10ft / 3m 
  • Up to 45 alarm tones with four stages  
  • Automatic synchronization on multi alarm horn and strobe beacon systems 
  • PA loudspeakers rated to 15W and 25W, line transformer and low impedance versions 
  • Xenon tube mechanically secured against vibration and shock
  • Robust design suitable for heavy duty and marine applications 
  • Large termination areas and dual M20 cable entries  
  • Adjustable ratchet for optimal positioning  
  • CPR compliant alarm horns, EN54 part 3 tested, VDS approved 
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