Innovation in UL1971, UL1638 & UL464 fire & general use signals
21st October 2017
The D2x range provides high-performance signaling for hazardous and industrial locations in a compact enclosure. Globally certified by UL to: NEC Class I/II Div 2 and NEC & CEC Class I Zone 2/22 plus IECEx & ATEX Zone 2/22.

Designed for applications requiring compliant signals to UL464 and UL1638/UL1971 for public mode fire alarm installation as emergency-signaling devices for the hearing impaired, as well as private mode fie and general signaling applications, the D2x family provides a complete notification solution for haz. loc. environments. The marine grade aluminum enclosure with an ingress protection of IP66/Type 4, 4X is suitable for the harshest of environments. The range is approved for use in both gas and dust atmospheres.

The D2xB1LD2-H is a UL1971 synchronized, supervised, hazardous location LED beacon signal 
with an industry leading effective candela  of 38.38cd. The innovative electronics automatically synchronize multiple beacons on the same circuit without the need for additional modules on the power line or the use of power supplies with synchronization protocols - reducing overall system cost and installation time. In-rush of 1.88A for 2ms and current consumption of only 99.5mA at 24Vdc reduce system power supply requirements to unprecedented levels. E2S Warning Signals only utilise high performance Cree┬« LED's providing a life time of over 60,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs. The D2xB1LD2-H is the next generation of hazardous location visual public mode fire signal.

For complete audio-visual notification the D2xC2LD2-H combination unit provides the ultimate in fire signaling.
With a sound output up to 116dB(A), 64 alarm tone frequencies and 4 remotely selectable stages/channels, the UL464 alarm horn can provide safe signaling for multiple scenarios from one device. The UL1971 LED beacon can be linked internally to the alarm horn minimizing cabling and installation time. The entire assembly is automatically synchronized with other D2xC2LD2-H units on the same circuit without the need for additional synchronization methods. The combined current consumption is just 412.5mA @ 24Vdc and the in-rush is limited to 2.1A for 10ms.

The D2xC2LD2, for private mode fire applications and general signaling duties
, is available in a choice of red or grey enclosure colours with field replaceable UV stable polycarbonate lens colour filters. The LED offers two steady modes: high power and low power as well as five flashing modes: 1Hz, 1.3Hz, 2Hz, double strike and triple strike. On DC voltage models the signal offers remote switching of three stages/channels allowing alternative alarm tone frequences and flash rates to be allocated to different processes or alarm conditions.

The D2xB1LD2 standalone LED beacon is haz loc approved for UL1638 private fire mode and general signaling applications
containing the powerful LED module from the -H version. Supplied with a lens guard in 304 or 316 stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate lens colour filters that are field replaceable - without opening the beacon enclosure. Candela ratings of 73.4cd to UL1638 for private mode fire and 180cd for general signaling applications ensure the D2xB1LD2 is the most effective LED signaling solution available for hazardous locations.

The D2xB1X05 & X10 are supervised, hazardous location, Xenon strobe beacon signals. 24Vdc versions with red and clear lenses are UL & cUL approved for visual private mode fire alarm use (UL1638). For general signalling enclosures are available in red and grey with a choice of seven lens colours.

The D2xB1 beacons include dual 1/2"NPT and dual M20x1.5 plus a 3/4"NPT cable entry for conduit pedant or pole mount. All entries are factory fitted with a choice of brass, nickel plated or stainless steel stopping plugs. Two surface mount feet are included and user installed.

The D2xC2 combination signals feature cable entry choices include dual 1/2"NPT or dual M20x1.5. One entry is factory fitted with a choice of brass, nickel plated or stainless steel stopping plug. Four surface mount lugs enable a stable and robust installation.
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