• A clear signal thanks to our new brighter L101H L.E.D beacon

    We are upgrading our compact and robust L101 L.E.D. beacon. We are replacing the coloured lens by a clear prismatic Polycarbonate lens and the 5mm L.E.D array by coloured high output Superflux type L.E.D’s. 

    Thanks to the clear lens, the operation status of the beacon is always easily spotted – even in high ambient light. Being much brighter than the previous model, the L101H has an effective light output of up to 176cd. At the same time, the power consumption has been reduced; i.e. 15mA at 230V ac. 

    The L101H features a wide voltage range with a 90-260V ac and a 10-30V dc version. A choice of several back boxes with different fixing positions and pluggable terminals allow easy and convenient installation. The units come with amber, red, green, blue and white L.E.D’s and will be available from January 2011.

    Further information can be found here.

  • Small but powerful intrinsically safe panel mount sounder

    Our new IS-pA1 panel mount buzzer is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zones 0, 1 and 2 as well as FM approved for Class I Div 1 intrinsically safe applications. 

    The IS sounder is ideal for use as fault indication or process alarm in control panels located in intrinsically safe environments. It produces a 90dB(A) @ 1m continuous 2600Hz tone that can be pulsed externally to produce different signals. 

    As the audible signal sometimes needs visual reinforcement we have added the intrinsically safe IS-pB1 panel lights to our range. The high efficiency LEDs, which are mounted behind coloured lenses, have a typical operating life of more than ten years. The panel mount sounder and lights produce reliable and cost effective status indications with minimum power consumption.

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    INMETRO certification

    We are working very hard to keep our products at the leading edge of the industry and are constantly applying for new certifications. If you are preparing any projects in South America you will be pleased to hear that our BEx sounders, beacons and manual call points have recently achieved Inmetro approval from the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality in Brazil.

  • The A141 is the latest addition to our disaster warning range. The new A141 high output disaster siren from E2S offers significant improvements in sound output and is easy to install.

     It has an effective warning range of between 500m and 750m (depending on atmospheric conditions and location). With the options of battery back-up and radio control, the A141 is suitable for the most demanding installations in quarries, on large industrial and petrochemical sites and for civil defence requirements. 

    Unlike traditional electro-mechanical warning devices, the high output sounder is lightweight and offers exceptional high reliability and long life combined with low energy consumption. This means it is easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance.

    Further information can be found here.

  • E2S are pleased to announce the launch of our BExCP3 range of manual call points for hazardous area. Our new manual call point is a significant addition to the established BEx range of sounders, beacons and loudspeakers and is available in break glass and push button versions. 

    The BExCP3 range is certified to both ATEX and IECEx standards, and the break glass model is also designed to conform to EN54 Part 11 – the European standard on manual call points in fire alarm systems. 

    Manufactured from corrosion proof, copper free, marine grade LM6 aluminium and with an IP66 rating, the units are suitable for both onshore and offshore applications. 

    Various options can be specified, including:

    • Stainless steel lift flap
    • Series and EOL resistors
    • Metalised Stainless steel tag and duty labels 
    • Special colours

    Further details can be found by following these links:

  • Our innovative Hootronic alarm sounder horn is now available in an ATEX certified version, giving traditional warning sounds such as a bell, siren claxon or buzzer in a flameproof housing. For a long time, reliability, performance, maintenance and running costs have been a concern for applications that required these types of warning sounds. Thanks to advanced amplifier technology and digital to analogue conversion, the Hootronic sounders faithfully replicate these sounds in one product with all the reliability and performance that is  expected of a modern electronic sounder.     

    Some of the advantages of the Hootronic range:- 
    • Maintenance free 
    • Continuously rated
    • High IP rating (IP66/67)
    • Very high output up to 117.5 dB @ 1m
    • Choice of bell, siren, claxon and buzzer sounds

    As an electronic alternative to electro-mechanical signalling now available in an explosion proof version, the Hootronic sounder can be used in nearly all industrial environments including hazardous area (Zone 1 & 2, 21 & 22). 

    Further details on the BExH120D Hootronic alarm can be found here.