• We are continuously improving our products and expanding our product range. Within our established BEx range we already manufacture three beacons rated at 5J, 10J and 15J, giving a choice of versatile optical signalling devices for indoor and outdoor operation in hazardous areas. 

    We have now introduced an even brighter version to make sure that the visual signal is never overlooked even in the brightest daylight. ATEX approved for Zones 1 & 2 and 21 & 22, the high output 21 Joule Xenon beacon is suitable for installations in the great majority of hazardous areas. The 21J beacon can be installed with confidence in the most demanding – onshore and offshore – environments as it is manufactured from corrosion resistant, copper free LM6 aluminium (phosphated and powder coated) and sealed to IP66/67.

    Find out more about the BExBG21D 21 Joule Xenon beacon here.
  • All BEx stand-alone sounders and beacons have just completed re-certification to the latest EN60079 series of standards; certification for the BEx combined units will follow early in 2010. 

    In addition, we are currently updating all the BEx range of equipment to include approval to IECEx and this work should be completed by February 2010. 
    Standards are constantly changing, and E2S is working very hard to keep its products at the leading edge of the industry, a significant investment for the benefit of our customers.

    Find out more about the BEx range of products here.

  • E2S have now launched the SpectrAlarm range, which combines the audible signalling capabilities of the field-proven AlertAlarm industrial sounders and Spectra

    Until now, many products available on the market were limited to a 5J Xenon beacon which is may not be powerful enough for outdoor use, especially in bright sunlight. The AB121 with its choice of 15J Xenon or Rotating mirror beacons means effective signalling in all conditions. The integral design is visually more attractive than separate units and also saves on installation time and reduces cost. The sounder and beacon can also be connected separately allowing the user to silence the alarm but leave the beacon flashing until the emergency or fault has been cleared. 

    Nine separate models form the launch range: 
     • The AB105 provides a choice of 32 tones at a maximum output of 112dB(A) and a choice of a 5J Xenon strobe, a multifunction high output LED array or a 20/25W rotating beacon. 
     • The AB112 gives a choice of 45 tones at maximum of 119dB(A) and the same beacon options as the AB105. 
     • The AB121 gives a choice of 45 tones at a maximum of 126dB(A) and either a 15J Xenon strobe, a multifunction high output LED array or a 35/40W rotating beacon. 

    The SpectrAlarm combines, in one aesthetically pleasing housing, the powerful AlertAlarm sounders and the highly versatile, powerful Spectra beacons. Whether installed on fixed plant or machinery or giving general warnings as part of a fire or security system the SpectraAlarm provides optimum protection and safety signalling in a wide variety of industrial environments.

    To view detailed product datasheets and further information, please choose a model below:

  • The latest addition to the AlertAlarm range is the A131, which with a sound output of up to 131dB(A), is ideal for plant alarm, construction sites, small COMAH sites and wide area fire alarm. Based on existing housing designs, the A131 utilises a 100W pressure driver to generate its high output and can be used as a single horn, or in clusters of four to provide omni-directional sound output. With a choice of up to 45 different warning tones and 3 stages of alarm it can give different tones for fire, evacuation or security alert. Battery back-up is also offered as an option, ensuring that a critical alarm can be provided even in the event of a power failure, a critical requirement for incidents such as toxic gas release. 

    The new A131 has an effective range of over 250m and has a number of control options including radio control to build up a complete system with multiple activation points and siren locations. Take a look at the new Disaster Warning area on the website, where you will find the full details on the A131 plus our other large sirens including motor driven sirens and the larger and more sophisticated A151 range.

    Find out more about the A131 wide area alarm sounder here.

  • Our Spectra family of visual warning indicators for the industrial market covers all the sizes from panel lamps through to powerful rotating and Xenon beacons suitable for safety warning, status indication, fire alarm and general alert. 

    The IP65 protected beacons are suitable for outdoor applications and offers a range of technologies including Xenon, L.E.D., Halogen, incandescent and filament lamps. 

    The LED technology offers long life and is ideal for status lamp applications where the beacon is illuminated continuously or where access or maintenance is difficult and gives significantly lower life costs than traditional filament lamps. 

    Other options include synchronised Xenon strobes where all units connected to the same power supply will flash together, a requirement in many fire alarm installations.

    The B350 and B450 traffic light beacons are designed to provide status and safety warning in industrial applications such as factories, warehouses and process control systems. The units are available with either filament lamps or a long life L.E.D light source, which is ideal for applications where access or maintenance is difficult; it offers significantly lower life costs than traditional filament lamps. Lenses are available in Red, Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Yellow and can be linked together to form vertical or horizontal sets of lights with any combination of colours. 

    The lens cover can be positioned to suit either orientation and all units have a choice of three cable entries - two around the side and one on the base - giving maximum installation flexibility. 

    A choice of wall and pole mounting brackets are available.

    To view product information, please choose a model below, or alternatively view the entire Spectra range here.

  • For over 100 years the reliability, performance, maintenance and running costs have always been a concern for applications that require the traditional signalling sounds of claxons, buzzers, bells and sirens. Using the latest in SMD class D amplifier technology and digital to analogue conversion, the HOOTRONIC can faithfully replicate all these sounds with the added reliability and performance of an electronic sounder. 

    The new HOOTRONIC has been successfully trialled at the Port of Felixstowe. The port’s cranes previously used traditional electro-mechanical claxons, which has several moving parts that are prone to mechanical failure, a major potential problem as cranes cannot operate without a functioning warning device. The HOOTRONIC overcomes this problem by having no moving parts, eliminating downtime and thus increasing productivity. The Port is now replacing failed traditional electro-mechanical claxons with the new HOOTRONIC.

    Find out more about the products on the Hootronic range here.