• 15th October 2013

    The new BExCS110-05D-R is the latest variant of the popular flameproof Ex d IIB combination alarm horn and Xenon beacon. With an audible output of up to 113dB(A) at 1 metre plus a 5 Joule Xenon strobe beacon the new BExCS110-05D-R provides all the benefits of a combination device but with a unique radial horn design. The new horn design projects the alarm tone output omni-directionally allowing the Xenon beacon to be positioned optimally. In certain applications where the beacon has to be positioned in a particular way, installers are often concerned by the possible reduction in the effectiveness of the audible signal when the traditional flare horn has to be directed away from the personnel the warning is intended for. Now with the radial horn this is no longer an issue - the beacon can be mounted in any orientation necessary. 

    For applications requiring status indication or remotely selectable flash patterns the BExCS110-L1D-R offers the same audible performance but with a high output L.E.D beacon.

    The BExCS110 products are suitable for gas atmospheres and the BExDCS110 versions for gas and dust atmospheres.

    The BEx combination signalling devices offer significant savings in labour and installation accessories. With a single multi-core control and power cable installers only have to mount one unit, use only one gland and test one unit. The audible and visual signals can be operated from the same power source or connected individually for independent activation.

    For further information on the radial horn versions of the E2S BEx combination products please follow the links below:

  • 25th September 2013

    Traditional electro-mechanical signalling bells have always been a popular choice for general signalling in explosion proof environments however high maintenance costs and reliability issues are well documented. E2S is pleased to announce the launch of the first electronic alternative. Combining a new radial horn providing omni-directional sound dispersion with the E2S Hootronic technology the BExH120D-R 'Belltronic' produces a digitally recorded mechanical bell sound. 

    The digitally stored bell recording is output via a class D amplifier achieving sound levels exceeding the performance of a mechanical bell whilst offering a continuously rated signal. The radial horn design not only physically emulates the traditional bell it also replicates the distribution of the audible signal.

    The Ex d IIC BExH120D-R is available as an ATEX & IECEx approved Zone 1 & 2 variant for gas atmospheres and also as the BExDH120D-R for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 gas and dust atmospheres. The marine grade aluminium enclosure which is phosphated and powder coated ensure suitability for the harshest of offshore and onshore environments. Additional approvals include GOST-R and INMETRO.

    Further information may be found here.

  • E2S will be exhibiting again this year at Offshore Europe. Taking place in Aberdeen between the 3rd and the 6th of September you can register for the event here.

    Come and see the latest products and discuss your signalling requirements with our sales team. 

    We look forward to welcoming you on our stand 1BB70.

  • 19th August 2013

    At E2S warning signals we have been busy developing additional new products to meet the needs of tough industrial environments - the new D105 & D112 alarm sounders and D105AX Appello X - the next generation user recordable alarm sounder which can store up to 2 minutes of content. 

    Robust Metal Housing Suitable for Harsh Environments

    The new products are housed in a metal enclosure offering improved mechanical, temperature and UV protection when compared to traditional plastic bodied devices.

    The metal bodied alarm sounders are ideal for fire, security and process control applications where increased temperatures may be experienced or where robustness is of particular importance. 

    They offer several key benefits;

    • Increased protection for electronics at elevated temperatures within the sounder due to the corrosion proof, marine grade aluminium die cast enclosure 
    • Available in two outputs, D105 up to 112 dB(A) and D112 up to 119 dB(A) @1m
    • Choice of 32 or 45 alarm tones
    • Can be combined with a 5 Joule, 200 candela Xenon beacon or high-intensity 120 candela L.E.D. array beacon to provide an audible and visual alarm
    • 'Programmable' version is available
    • IP66 giving excellent weather protection
    • UKOOA/PFEER compliant alarm tones
    • UL approved version is available
    • Superior design, quality and reliability from E2S 

    Technical Datasheets and Approval Certificates

    All product specific datasheets and downloads are available here: 

  • E2S has gained EN54 Part 23 certification from VdS for its L101X Xenon strobe beacon, giving full compliance to the CPR directive that became effective from 1st March 2013 in most of Europe, and which will be in place from 1st July in the UK. Certification has been achieved for Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount and Open Class with either red or clear lenses, allowing it to be used in all locations with fire system installations. In addition to the stand-alone beacon, certification has been achieved for all E2S combination sounder/L101X beacon units, creating the most comprehensive range of products approved to the new standard available from any manufacturer. The EN54-23 approved units operate from 24VDC for use in fire systems and from 48VDC for other applications where approval may be required. The L101X is also available without EN54-23 approval in 12VDC and 115 or 230VAC mains powered versions, enabling them to be used in security systems and as general-purpose warning signals. The units measure 86 x 86mm and accept 0.5 to 4.0mm² cables via pluggable terminals reducing installation time.

    The Xenon strobe produces a high visibility 200cd output at a 1Hz frequency flash rate. With the new EN54-23 standard coming into force, E2S believes that clear lenses will become the norm in fire systems as they give much better performance; red lenses absorb around 85% of the light, which is highly inefficient.

    The L101X has also achieved UL and cULs for general signalling use.

    Further information on the L101X can be found here.

  • Following the successful launch of the L101H high output L.E.D. beacon as part of the AlertAlight range, E2S have now achieved UL and cULs approval for general signalling use. 

    Featuring an array of high output Superflux type L.E.D.'s the L101H has a measured light output of 176cd (with green L.E.D.'s) far more than some Xenon strobe beacon alternatives. As a static status beacon the L101H far exceeds the performance of filament or halogen bulb lamps or set to flashing mode it can be employed as an effective visual warning device.

    The L101H is also available combined with E2S's range of AlertAlarm and Sonora audible signalling alarms. With UL and cULs approval for the SONFL1H, AL100H, AL105NH, AL112NH and AL121H combination alarm horn sounders and L.E.D beacon, installers now have a credible choice between Xenon and L.E.D. visual signalling.

    Further information on the L101H can be viewed here.