• Following on from the success of the BEXCP3 range, we are pleased to introduce a range of manual call points manufactured with GRP enclosures. Designed for the manual activation of fire alarms, gas detection and emergency shutdown systems, the units are environmentally sealed to IP66. They meet the requirements for rugged, corrosion resistant non-metallic units for both onshore and offshore environments, and offer outstanding reliability when installed in harsh environments. Available as standard in a range of colours, including striped versions, different systems can be colour-coded to enable rapid visual identification in an emergency. Available with break glass, push button and push button with tool reset operation, a comprehensive range of options are available.

    • Stainless Steel Lift Flap
    • End of Line (EOL) and Series Resistors
    • Double Pole Switch (DPDT)
    • LED Activation Indication
    • Stainless Steel Tag Plates
    • Duty Labels

    • For information on the GNEx call point range products please follow the links below:

  • The STA and STB towel signals can be configured to include visual and audible signals to create an effective status indicator or warning signal for a range of applications.

    The STB tower can be configured with either 2, 3 or 4 Xenon strobe or L.E.D.beacons whilst the STA variant also features a SONF1 type alarm horn sounder capable of up to 100 dB(A) at 1 metre.

    The STA/STB tower assembly contains the enclosure, junction box and pre-wired cable loom. The beacon components are ordered separately to meet your individual signalling needs. Pluggable terminals on the L101X Xenon beacon and L101H L.E.D. beacon ensure fast installation and provide the user with the flexibility to sequence colours and light sources as required.

    The STA and STB tower signals are designed for high performance and easy installation and are especially suitable where site staff need to identify the status of an emergency in a clear and effective way.

    For information on the STA and STB product range please follow the links below, alternatively, view the entire Sonora range including the towers here.

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    Fast and appropriate reactions are important in case of an emergency, for example if a large building needs to be evacuated quickly. An alarm sounder indicates an emergency but cannot give any specific advice on what actions to take.

    This is where our new Appello X range comes in, giving clear and intelligible directions at output levels in excess of 110dB(A). The new generation stands out by the high clarity of the tones, the music and the voice output as well as by the simplicity of recording.

    Superior intelligibility:

    For each of the four stages a message of up to 30 seconds can be recorded which can also be alternated with one of the available 45 tones. With a 32 KHz recording sample rate, the quality of the voice message or even of music equals the quality of a CD recording, making sure every message is clearly understood.

    Simple message recording:

    Recording of the customised messages is made easy thanks to the two options of recording: via the built-in microphone – useful for single unit installations – or via the audio input. The 3.5mm jack plug accepts standard headphone output cables from any analogue playback device such as MP3 players, laptops or CD players. This method is especially useful for multi horn installations as all voice sounders can be fully synchronised. When new Appello X units are being added to an installation, an existing sounder can be designed as a ‘master’ unit. The recorded message is then directly transferred to the ‘slave’ units with the help of a cable assembly, assuring synchronisation even if the original content had been mislaid.

    A versatile high output voice sounder for the industry:

    The exceptional clarity of the Appello X output is matched by its high volume output up to 126dB(A). Thanks to the integrated volume control tones and recorded content can be separately adapted to the specific installation environment. Customers will be able to choose from three sizes of the new voice sounder.

    Version: Max. tone output*  
    Max voice output*  
    IP rating
    A105NAX Appello X  
    110dB(A) 101dB(A) IP66
    A121AX Appello X
    126dB(A) 112dB(A) IP66
    MV121 Appello X
    126dB(A) 112dB(A) IP66 / 67  

    * at 24Vdc.

    Each unit will be available in a low voltage DC version and a 90 to 260Vdc/ac 50/60Hz version. Low current consumption and high sound output in a robust fire retardant IP66 enclosure ensure the Appello X voice sounder is approved to UL and cULs for all general signalling applications. 

    Further details on the Appello X range can be viewed below, alternatively you can view the entire Appello range here.

  • E2S has now received MED approval on three of our key products, the A105N, A112N and BExS110D and are the first signalling company to offer this key approval. 

    The EU Directive on Marine equipment (96/98 EC) – known as “MED” – requires that certain marine equipment, being installed on board a ship registered under the flag of an EU country including Norway and Iceland, has to be certified according to safety requirements in place. The purpose is “to enhance safety at sea and the prevention of marine pollution through the uniform application of relevant international instruments” (MED 96/98 EC, Article 1).

    Further details on the MED approved products can be found via the links below:

  • Houston is a key location for the offshore oil & gas industry with around 70% of all global projects being engineered in this area. As a result, E2S has opened up a sales and distribution operation in Houston to support these important projects and customers. E2S Warning Signals LLC will develop new and existing business in the US and raise awareness of E2S for projects around the world which will also assist all our distribution partners to grow sales.

    With local inventory also available, this is the main hub for all North American based customers. 

    Contact details are as follows:

    E2S Warning Signals LLC
    4702 N Sam Houston Parkway W 
    Suite 300 B 
    TX 77086 

    Tel: +1 281 377 4401 
    Fax: +1 281 440 4040

  • A new version of the A141 has been launched which gives the option of voice messages in addition to the standard 45 warning tones. Utilising high quality Class D amplifiers and the new generation Appello X circuitry, the A141 is capable of giving both high output and high quality voice messaging for wide area applications. With up to four messages of 30 seconds recorded at a 32 KHz sampling rate, the quality of the voice message equals that of CD recording makes sure that every message can be clearly understood. As a result, the A141 is the perfect solution for wide area plant warning, flood and tsunami alerts, toxic gas release and high output fire alarm.

    For further information please contact our sales office to discuss your application requirements.