STB2 Xenon & LED Tower

  • Multiple configurations of Xenon and LED beacons.
  • Internal cable loom and termination PCB simplifies installation.
  • Common negative/neutral supply minimises cabling.
  • Available with red, white or grey housing.
  • High output LED unit can be set to steady or flashing.
  • Sealed to IP66.
  • Tropicalisation available on request.
  • Can be combined with Sonora SONF1 audible signal - see the STA2/3/4 data sheets.


  • UL & cULs approved: General signalling use.

  • EAC compliant: RU D-GB.AL16.B.11083

STB2 Xenon & LED Tower
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STB2 Xenon & LED Tower

The STB2 is a customisable visual signal featuring a tower of 2 AlertAlight L101 type beacons.

Each beacon position can contain either a Xenon or high output L.E.D. light source. The STB2 assembly features a pre-wired junction box and cable loom enabling the end user to determine beacon type and position during installation.


Cable entries: 2 x M20 clearance
Ingress Protection: IP66
Housing material: UL94V0 & 5VA FR ABS
Housing colour: RAL3000 Red, RAL7038 Grey and White
Lens material: PC
Fixings: Stainless Steel
Operating temp: -25° to +55°C [-13° to +131°F]
Storage temp: -40° to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity: 90% at 20°C [68°F]
STB2 Weight: 0.65kg/1.43Ibs
L101X - Xenon:
Energy: 5 Joules (5Ws)
Flash rate: 1Hz (60 fpm)
Peak Candela: 500,000 cd - calculated from energy (J)
Effective Intensity cd: 250 cd - calculated from energy (J)
Peak Candela: 86,935 cd* - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Effective Intensity cd: 200 cd* - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Terminals: 0.5 to 4.0mm² cables.
Lens colours: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Opal, Red, Yellow
Tube life: Emissions are reduced to 70% after 8 million flashes
L101H - L.E.D:
Light source: High intensity L.E.D. array.
24 x Superflux type high ouput L.E.D’s
Options: Steady or 2Hz flash mode (on board selection)
Peak/Effective Intensity cd: Green L.E.D: 176cd - measured ref. to I.E.S.
Terminals: 0.5 to 4.0mm² cables
L.E.D. colours: Amber Blue, Green, Red and White
Lens colour: All L.E.D. colours use a Clear lens to maximise output and to ensure the signal is most effective in high ambient light levels.

Part Codes

Version: Description: Voltage: Part code:
STB2 Junction box assembly
for 2 x L101 beacons
12/24Vdc STB2DC[x]
STB2 Junction box assembly
for 2 x L101 beacons
115/230Vac STB2AC[x]
[x]: G=Grey, R=Red, W=White
Version: Description: Voltage: Part code:
ST-L101X L101 Xenon Beacon 5J 12Vdc ST-L101XDC012[x]
ST-L101X L101 Xenon Beacon 5J 24Vdc ST-L101XDC024[x]
ST-L101X L101 Xenon Beacon 5J 115Vac ST-L101XAC115[x]
ST-L101X L101 Xenon Beacon 5J 230Vac ST-L101XAC230[x]
[x]: A=Amber, B=Blue, C=Clear, G=Green, M=Magenta, R=Red, Y=Yellow
ST-L101H L101 L.E.D. Beacon 10-30Vdc ST-L101HDC030[y]
ST-L101H L101 L.E.D. Beacon 90-260Vac ST-L101HAC230[y]
[y]: A=Amber, B=Blue, C=Clear, G=Green, R=Red
Example: For a tower of three beacons using two Xenon beacons,
one red, one amber plus one L.E.D. beacon in green using a 24Vdc
supply in a red housing, order the following part codes:
For UL approved version suffix all relevant part codes with '-UL'

L101H L.E.D. Beacon

Version: Voltage: Current:
DC 10-30V dc 155mA (24V dc)
AC/DC 50/60Hz 90-260V ac/dc 35mA (230V ac)

L101X Xenon Beacon

Version: Voltage: Current:
12V dc/ac 10-14V 500mA/380mA
24V dc/ac 20-28V 250mA/300mA
115V ac 50/60Hz +/-10% 70mA
230V ac 50/60Hz +/-10% 35mA