New E2S Short Form Product Catalogue
E2S Product Catalogue

The catalogue is a 2MB download.
The newly designed catalogue is easier to browse and offers a complete overview of the E2S family of warning signals at a glance. The new short form catalogue features the latest product updates and technical specs.

74 pages featuring;
  • electronic alarm horn sounders
  • visual signalling devices
  • combination sounders and beacons
  • manual call points in break glass, push button and tool reset
  • PA loudspeakers
  • industrial sirens
  • voice recordable alarm horns
  • electro mechanical bell, siren, claxon and buzzer alternatives
  • telephone initiated beacons and sounders
  • traffic and status lights
  • panel mounted lights and buzzers
Latest products including;

  • The new GNEx (GRP) visual signals
  • The D1x range designed for Class I/II Div. 1, Zone 1, Zone 20 
  • D2x global range of visual & audible signals
Detailed specification information for every product;
  • Key technical data
  • Spread overview of each E2S product range
  • Latest product approvals
Worldwide product approvals including;