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HAB105RTH Electronic Siren, Buzzer, Claxon & Bell 2-33-030

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Applications and users that have traditionally demanded conventional electromechanical claxons, sirens, buzzers and bells can now choose the next generation alternative.
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Electronic Siren, Buzzer, Claxon & Bell


The E2S Hootronic series of products faithfully reproduce the sounds made by legacy electro-mechanical signalling devices but in a modern, reliable and cost effective way.
With output levels of up to 112dB(A) at 1 metre the HAB105TRH surpasses legacy electro-mechanical devices in performance and effectiveness, it is also continuously rated, requires zero maintenance and the signal quality will not degrade with age.


Datasheet Datasheet.pdf
Installation Manual HAB105RTH.pdf
Russian EAC Declaration of Conformity D-GB.GA05.B.12595-20-24.03.2025.pdf
Russian Maritime register 19.00193.278.pdf
Declaration of Conformity DC-034_Issue_E_Hootronic.pdf
2D drawing (PDF) SK0035_Iss_B.pdf
2D drawing (DWG) SK0035_Iss_B.dwg
Hi-res product image 1 (TIFF) 2-33-030_HAB105RTH-G-G.tif
Hi-res product image 2 (TIFF) 2-33-030_HAB105RTH-G-R.tif
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Lo-res product image 2 (JPG) 2-33-030_HAB105RTH-G-R.jpg


The products in the Hootronic range have 5 user selectable ‘traditional’ sounds including:

  • Tone 1 : Industrial Claxon
  • Tone 2 : High Frequency Mechanical Siren
  • Tone 3 : Medium Frequency Mechanical Siren
  • Tone 4 : Electro Mechanical Buzzer
  • Tone 5 : Mechanical Bell

Each of these sounds have two additional, remotely selectable, alarm stages.
Remote switch generates genuine ‘tail off’ to sound when alarm is terminated.

  • Automatic synchronisation on multi-sounder system.
  • Continuously rated.
  • Stainless steel fixings.
  • Unit can be mounted using external lugs or internal BESA compatible fixing positions.
  • Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations).
  • Tropicalisation available on request.


Hootronic Sounder:
Nominal output: 112dB(A) @ 1m +/- 3dB – Tone 2 [103dB(A) @ 10ft/3m]
No. of tones: 5
No. of stages: 3
Volume control: Max. 112dB(A); Min. 103dB(A) approx.
Effective range: 60m/197Ibs @ 1KHz
Light source: Halogen Bulb G6,35 / GY6,35.
Light output: max 25W
Rotation: 180RPM (+/-30RPM).
Peak Candela: 821 cd
Candela: 125 cd* (effective intensity)
Lens colours: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red & Yellow
Drive life: > 5,000 hrs
Voltages DC: 24V dc (10-30V dc);
Voltages AC: 115V ac; 230V ac
Ingress protection: IP66
Housing material: High impact UL94 V0 & 5VA FR ABS
Colour: Red (RAL3000) & grey (RAL7038)
Cable entries: 2 x M20 clearance gland knockouts in side & back
Terminals: 0.5 to 4.0mm² cables.
Operating temp: -25 to +55°C [-13° to +131°F]
Storage temp: -40 to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity: 90% at 20°C [68°F]
DC: 1.00Kg/2.2Ibs AC:1.25kg/2.75Ibs
*Candela measurements representative of performance with clear lens at optimum voltage.
*SPL data +/-3dB(A). Measured at optimum voltage.

Part Codes

Version Part code: Wattage:
12V dc HAB105RTHDC12[x]/[y] 20W
24V dc HAB105RTHDC24[x]/[y] 20W
115V ac HAB105RTHAC115[x]/[y] 25W
230V ac HAB105RTHAC230[x]/[y] 25W
[x] = Housing colour: G: Grey R: Red
[y] = Lens colour: A: Amber, B: Blue, C: Clear,
G: Green, R: Red, Y: Yellow

Alarm sounder

Version: Voltage: Current:
24V dc 10-30V dc 185mA*
115V ac 50/60Hz +/-10% 50mA
230V ac 50/60Hz +/-10% 25mA
* current at nominal voltage

Rotating beacon

Version: Wattage: Current:
12V dc 20W 1.72A
24V dc 20W 910mA
115V ac 50/60Hz 25W 216mA
230V ac 50/60Hz 25W 117mA

Spare bulb/lamp part codes

Version: Wattage: Type: Part code:
12V dc 20W G6,35/GY6,35 BJC20W12VCL
24V dc 20W G6,35/GY6,35 BJC20W24VCL
115V ac 25W G6,35/GY6,35 BJCD25W120VCL
230V ac 25W G6,35/GY6,35 BJCD25W230VCL

Tone Table

Stage 1 WAV file Frequency Description. Stg 2 Stg 3
T 1 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/411/411/491442314/original/TF046.WAV Industrial Claxon T 3 T 5
T 2 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/414/414/146644246/original/TF047.WAV High Frequency Mechanical Siren T 1 T 5
T 3 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/416/416/0c52c2259/original/TF048.WAV Medium Frequency Mechanical Siren T 1 T 5
T 4 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/413/413/c47bf00c7/original/TF049.WAV Electro Mechanical Buzzer T 2 T 5
T 5 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/423/423/854c33e83/original/TF050.WAV Mechanical Bell T 1 T 2
Country specific or custom tone configurations and alarm frequencies are available upon request.

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