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Product Type : Hazardous Area : Manual Alarm Call Points

Gnexcp7 bg red 01
GRP Glass Reinforced Polyester
1 24 120 stexcp8 bg 1
316L Stainless Steel
GNExCP6 Call Point
1 24 020 gnexcp6b bg r
GRP Glass Reinforced Polyester
BExCP3 Call Point
1 24 070 bexcp3 bg
LM6 Aluminium
D1xCP1 Pull Station
1 24 110 d1xcp1 pscmyk
LM6 Aluminium
1 24 130 stexcp8 pm pt 1
316L Stainless Steel
1 24 140 stexcp8 pb 1
316L Stainless Steel
1 24 050 gnexcp6a pt b
GRP Glass Reinforced Polyester
1 24 090 bexcp3 pt
LM6 Aluminium
IS-CP4 Call Point
1 14 010 is cp4 bg
LM6 Aluminium
1 14 030 is cp4 pt
LM6 Aluminium

The E2S hazardous location call point range contains break glass and push button types with a variety of operation modes including momentary, dual action twist and push as well as tool reset. SIL2 compliant as standard the range is available in robust marine grade aluminium, GRP or 316 stainless steel enclosures. Browse the category to discover the solution for your life safety application or alternatively use the Product Finder for assistance in selecting the correct device

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