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BExH120 ‘Hootronic’ Explosion Proof Alarm Horn 1-22-070

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The flameproof BExH120 Hootronic Siren is suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 applications. Approved to IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC and INMETRO standards. The BExH120 authentically reproduces the traditional sounds of electro-mechanical devices whilst providing a significantly higher level of performance and reliability.
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‘Hootronic’ Explosion Proof Alarm Horn


The E2S Hootronic series of products faithfully reproduce the sounds made by legacy electro-mechanical signalling devices but in a modern, reliable and cost effective way. With output levels of up to 117.5dB(A) at 1 metre the BExH120 surpasses legacy electro-mechanical devices in performance and effectiveness, it is also continuously rated, requires zero maintenance and the signal quality will not degrade with age.


Datasheet Datasheet.pdf
Installation Manual D210-01-031-IS_Issue_1_BExH120.pdf
Installation Manual - Russian D210-00-031-IS-RUS_Issue_4_BExH120.pdf
INMETRO Installation Manual IS2491-P-IEx_Issue_B.pdf
IECEx certificate IECEx_KEM_10.0003X_Issue_4_BExS__BExL.pdf
ATEX certificate KEMA_99ATEX6312X_Issue_6_BExS__BExL.pdf
UKCA Certificate UL22UKEX2638X_Rev_0_BExS__BExL.pdf
INMETRO certificate IEx10.0009X_R4_BExS_BExL.pdf
Ex EAC TR CU 012/2011 Certificate RU_-GB.65..01252_21.pdf
RTN permit RTN_permit_PPC_00-29227.pdf
Russian Maritime register 19.00195.278.pdf
CCOE PESO CCOE_P495851-1_BExL_H_T.pdf
ECAS Ex Approval ECAS_21-07-16788-E21-07-035370-NB0007_BExS-L.pdf
Declaration of Conformity DC-001_Issue_P_BExS__BExL.pdf
Declaration of Conformity UKCA DC-104_Issue_A_BExS__BExL_UKCA.pdf
2D drawing (PDF) D210-05-011_Issue_2.pdf
2D drawing (DWG) D210-05-011_Issue_2.dwg
3D drawing (STEP) D210-05-011-3D_Issue_A.STEP
Wiring Schematic DC voltage D210-06-031_Issue_1_BExH120D_DC.pdf
Wiring Schematic AC voltage D210-06-035_Issue_1_BExH120D_AC.pdf
Nameplate Drawing D210-09-031_Issue_1_BExH120D.pdf
Equipment Tag Drawing D254-00-101_Issue_1.pdf
Duty Label Drawing D254-00-001_Issue_1.pdf
Pole Mount & Sun Shade Drawing D217-05-003_Issue_1__BExS120_L25F_.pdf
Hi-res product image 1 (TIFF) 1-22-070_BExH120D.tif
Hi-res product image 2 (TIFF) 1-22-050_BExS120D.tif


  • Marine grade, corrosion proof, LM6 aluminium enclosure.
  • Ingress protection IP66/67
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Dual M20 cable entries – adaptors available.
  • Stopping plug included.
  • Reverse polarity diode fitted.
  • Very large termination area.
  • Ratchet adjustable stainless steel ‘U’ bracket.
  • Sound level ouputs up to 117.5dB(A) at 1 metre with

    a choice of 5 alarm sounds combining the signalling power of
    mutliple electro-mechanical products in one unit:

    1.Industrial Hooter

    2.High Frequency Mechanical Siren

    3.Medium Frequency Mechanical Siren

    4.Electro Mechanical Buzzer

    5.Mechanical Bell


Nominal output: 117.5dB(A) @ 1m +/- 3dB – Tone 4 [108.5dB(A) @ 10ft/3m]
No. of tones: 5
No. of stages: 3
Volume control: Yes
Effective range: 200m/656ft @ 1KHz
Voltages DC: 24vdc
Voltages AC: 115vac; 230vac
Stage switching: Negative
Ingress protection: IP66/67
Enclosure matl: Marine grade copper free LM6 Aluminium
Enclosure finish: Chromate & powder coated finish – anti-corrosion.
Colour: Red
Special – available on request
BExH120 horn: High impact UL94 V0 & 5VA FR ABS
Cable entries: Dual M20 ISO (one stopping plug inc)
Terminals: 0.5 – 2.5mm² (20-14 AWG)
Enclosure volume: <2 litres
Line monitoring: Blocking diode included
EOL Min. 500 Ohm 2w, or 3k3 Ohm 0.5w resistor
or diode (DC versions) can be fitted
Relative humidity: 95% – Additional tropicalisation is recommended for applications where both high relative humidity and high ambient temperatures exist
Weight: DC: 3.20kg/7.04Ibs AC: 3.40kg/7.48Ibs
*SPL data +/-3dB(A). Measured at optimum voltage.

Current Consumption

Voltage: Max. I/P Volts: Current:
24V dc 30V dc 400mA
115V ac 50/60Hz 126.5V ac 130mA
230V ac 50/60Hz 253V ac 65mA

Part Codes

Part Code: Identifier: Description:
Product type: BExH120 Explosion proof Hootronic Alarm
Type: DF Ex d, Flare re-entrant horn
Voltage: DC024
24V dc
115V ac
240V ac
Cable entries:[e] A
2 x M20x1.5mm
2 × 1/2" NPT – adaptors
2 × 3/4" NPT – adaptors
2 x M25x1.5mm – adaptors
1 × 1/2" NPT – adaptor
1 × 3/4" NPT – adaptor
1 x M25x1.5mm – adaptor
Stopping plug/
adaptor material: [m]
Nickel Plated
Stainless Steel
Bracket matl & tag: [s] 1
A2 304 Stainless Steel
A4 316 Stainless Steel
A2 304 St/St with Equip. Tag
A4 316 St/St with Equip. Tag (304)
Product version: [v] A1 Default – IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC & INMETRO
Enclosure colour: [x] R
Special – contact E2S
Accessories: SP65-0001-A4
Pole Mount Bracket Kit St/St A4 (316)
Sunshade – St/St A4 (316)


  • IECEx Certificate: KEM 10.0003X
  • ATEX Certificate: KEMA 99ATEX6312X
  • TR-CU Ex EAC certificate: RU C-GB.HA65.B.01252_21
  • INMETRO certificate: 10-IEx-0009
  • UKCA certificate: UL22UKEX2638X


The products from the BEx range are available as multiple unit assemblies with and without junction boxes. See the BExP data sheet for further info.


  • II 2G Ex db IIB T4 Ta -50° to +70°C
  • II 2G Ex db IIC T4 Ta -50° to +55°C
  • II 2D Ex tb IIIC T100°C Db Ta -50°C to +55°C
  • II 2D Ex tb IIIC T115°C Db Ta -50°C to +70°C

Tone Table

Stage 1 WAV file Frequency Description. Stg 2 Stg 3
T 1 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/411/411/491442314/original/TF046.WAV Industrial Hooter T 3 T 5
T 2 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/414/414/146644246/original/TF047.WAV High Frequency Mechanical Siren T 1 T 5
T 3 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/416/416/0c52c2259/original/TF048.WAV Medium Frequency Mechanical Siren T 1 T 5
T 4 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/413/413/c47bf00c7/original/TF049.WAV Electro Mechanical Buzzer T 2 T 5
T 5 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/423/423/854c33e83/original/TF050.WAV Mechanical Bell T 1 T 2
Country specific or custom tone configurations and alarm frequencies are available upon request.

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