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D2xB1LD3 UL1971 Haz Loc Synchronized LED Light 1-31-061

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The haz loc D2xB1LD3 is an auto-synchronizing LED warning light / beacon tested to UL1971 for public mode fire alarm, ADA compliant, hearing impaired applications. UL1971 effective candela rating of 82.1cd. NFPA 72 compliant 20ms pulse.
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UL1971 Haz Loc Synchronized LED Light


The D2x1BLD3 utilizes an array of super high power Cree® LED’s, orientated to optimize visibility in any direction. The 20ms pulse creates an intense flash comparative to a Xenon strobe. Multiple D2xB1LD3 units will auto-synchronize when powered from the same power source removing the need for any additional sync modules on the circuit. The D2xB1LD3 contains a supervisory diode and duplicated pluggable terminals that not only simplify installation but also enable a 4 wire connection. The unit is UL, cUL, ULC, ATEX and IECEx approved for hazardous area applications.


Datasheet Datasheet.pdf
Installation Manual D211-01-471-IS_Issue_2__D2xB1LD3_.pdf
IECEx certificate IECEx_ULD_14.0004X_007_D2x.pdf
ATEX certificate DEMKO_14_ATEX_4786493904X_Rev7_D2x.pdf
UL certificate of compliance UL_CoC_-_20171013-E245313_Vol.1_Sec.2_D2xB.pdf
CSFM Listing CSFM_Listing_2279-0500_D2xB1_2024.pdf
UKCA Certificate UL21UKEX2131X_Rev._1_D2x.pdf
ECAS Ex Approval ECAS_23-12-94531_E23-12-097313_NB0007_D2x.pdf
Declaration of Conformity DC-061_Issue_K_D2x.pdf
Declaration of Conformity UKCA DC-102_Issue_B_D2x_UKCA.pdf
2D drawing (PDF) D211-05-251_Issue_2.pdf
2D drawing (DWG) D211-05-251_Issue_1.DWG
3D drawing (STEP) D211-05-251-3D_Issue_A.STEP
Wiring Schematic D211-06-471_Issue_1.pdf
Nameplate Drawing D211-09-471_Issue_1.pdf
Equipment Tag Drawing D254-00-141_Issue_1.pdf
Duty Label Drawing D254-00-061_Issue_1.pdf
Pole Mount & Sun Shade Drawing D217-05-242_Issue_1__D2xB1_.pdf
Hi-res product image 1 (TIFF) 1-31-061_D2xB1LD3.tif
Hi-res product image 2 (TIFF) 1-31-061_D2xB1LD3-b.tif
Hi-res product image 3 (TIFF) 1-31-061_D2xB1LD3-c.tif


  • Public mode fire use UL1971 & CAN/ULC-S526
  • Private mode fire use UL1638
  • Synchronised for over 2 hours per UL1971
  • 82.1 eff. candela – UL1971 Public mode fire
  • 112.5 eff. candela – UL1638 Private mode fire
  • 252.0 eff. candela – UL1638 General signaling
  • Ultra low operating current of 153mA
  • In rush limiting circuit: 1.18A
  • Choice of four UL1971 tested flash rates: 1Hz, 1.3Hz, 1.5Hz & 2Hz
  • Marine grade aluminum enclosure
  • Ingress protection Type 4/4X/3R/13, IP66
  • High impact resistant Borosilicate glass lens
  • Duplicate, pluggable cable terminations, supervisory diode
  • Surface mounting via user installed lugs
  • Pendant mounting via 3/4"NPT conduit entry
  • Dual 1/2"NPT and M20 cable entries
  • Supplied with haz loc rated stopping plugs/adaptors


Source: Array of 3 x High Power Cree® LED’s
Pulse width: 20ms – high intensity ‘strobe’ flash
Modes: 1Hz flash (60 fpm)
1.3Hz flash (80 fpm)
1.5Hz flash (90 fpm)
2Hz flash (120 fpm
Eff. Intensity cd: 82.1 cd UL1971 Public mode fire
Eff. Intensity cd: 112.5 cd UL1638 Private mode fire
Eff. Intensity cd: 252.0 cd UL1638A General signaling
LED life: >60,000 hours
Synchronisation: Flash rates synchronise for a minimum of 2 hours per UL1971
Voltage: 24V dc (16-33V dc)
In-rush: 1.18A for 2ms
Ingress protection: IP rating per EN60529:IP66
Type rating per UL50E/NEMA250:4/4X/3R/13
Enclosure material: Marine grade LM6 aluminum alloy
Enclosure colour: Red
Lens material: Borosilicate glass
Cable entries: 2 x M20x1.5, 2 × 1/2"NPT, 1 × 3/4"NPT
Stopping plugs: Nickel Plated Brass plugs included
Ground/Earth stud: M5
Terminals: 0.5 – 2.5mm² (20-14 AWG)
Line monitoring: Blocking diode included
EOL can be factory fitted
Operating temp: -40 to +50°C [-40° to +122°F]
Storage temp: -40 to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity: 95%
Weight: 1.5kg/3.31Ibs

Current Consumption

Nominal Voltage: In rush: Voltage range: Flash Rate setting: Nominal operating current:
24V dc 1180mA <7.0ms Regulated
16-33V dc
1Hz (60fpm)
1.3Hz (80 fpm)
1.5Hz (90fpm)
2Hz (120fpm)

Part Codes

Part Code: Identifier: Description:
Product type: D2xB1LD3 Haz loc LED warning light / beacon
Voltage: DC024 24V dc (16-33Vdc
Cable entries: [e] M 2 × 1/2” NPT
2 x M20x1.5
1 × 3/4” NPT
Stopping plug material: [m] N
Nickel plated brass
Stainless Steel
Guard material & tag: [s] 0
No lens Guard
No lens guard with Equip. Tag
No lens guard with Equip. Tag & Duty Label
Product version: [v] H UL, cUL, ULC, IECEx, ATEX, CSFM – UL1971
Product option:
Standard product
Custom configuration – contact E2S
Enclosure colour: [x] R Red
Lens colour: [y] C Clear
Pole Mount Bracket Kit St/St A4 (316)
Sunshade – St/St A4 (316)


  • UL/cUL File ref: E245313
  • IECEx certficate: IECEx ULD 14.0004X
  • ATEX certificate: DEMKO 14 ATEX 4786493904X


  • NEC / CEC:
    Class I Div 2 ABCD T4 Ta -40°C to 50°C
    Class II Div 2 FG T6 Ta -40°C to +50°C
    Class III Div 1&2 Ta -40°C to +50°C
  • NEC:
    Class I Zone 2 AEx ec IIC Gc T4 Ta -40°C to +50°C
    Zone 22 AEx tc IIIC T75°C Dc Ta -40°C to +50°C
  • CEC:
    Class I Zone 2 Ex ec IIC Gc X T4 Ta -40°C to +50°C
    Zone 22 Ex tc IIIC T75°C Dc X Ta -40°C to +50°C
  • IECEx & ATEX:
    II 3G Ex ec IIC T4 Gc Ta -40°C to +50°C
    II 3D Ex tc IIIC T75°C Dc Ta -40°C to +50°C
    See product manual for full voltage specific coding.

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