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H110TL Trumpet Horn & LED Beacon 2-31-350

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The H110T is a very high output electronic signal horn capable of generating a traditional 'buzzer' warning tone traditionally associated with electro-mechanical signals.
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Trumpet Horn & LED Beacon


With an output of 110dB(A) the H110T is ideal for all general signalling applications and the ingress protection rating of IP65 means it is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.
The H110TL incorporates the H110T with a multi-function L.E.D beacon. It is available in five L.E.D colours and operating voltages from 10V dc to 230V ac.


Datasheet Datasheet.pdf
Lo-res product image 3 (JPG) H110TXTL-Red.png
Installation Manual H110TL_D153-00-201-IS_Issue_B.PDF
Russian EAC Declaration of Conformity D-GB.GA05.B.12595-20-24.03.2025.pdf
Russian Fire certificate Russian_Fire_Certificate_-GB.25..03286.PDF
Russian Maritime register 19.00193.278.pdf
Declaration of Conformity DC-031_Issue_E_H100__H110.pdf
2D drawing (PDF) SK0064_Issue_B.pdf
2D drawing (DWG) SK0064_Issue_B.DWG
Hi-res product image 1 (TIFF) 2-31-350_H110TL-Y.tif
Hi-res product image 2 (TIFF) 2-31-350_H110TL-GROUP.tif
Lo-res product image 1 (JPG) 2-31-350_H110TL-Y.jpg
Lo-res product image 2 (JPG) 2-31-350_H110TL-GROUP.jpg


  • Volume control.
  • Stainless steel fixings.
  • Bayonet fixing lens.
  • Anti-tamper locking screw.
  • Multi-functional: 9 user selectable flash patterns.
    - 4 rotating configurations
    - 4 flashing configurations
    - Steady mode for indicator / status applications
  • The DC unit also features a remotely selectable 2nd stage flash pattern.


No. of tones: 3
Output: 110 dB(A) @ 1m
Stages: Remotely selectable second stage
Stage switching: DC voltage via negative
AC voltage via live supply
Light source: 16 x High power L.E.D’s
Peak/Effective Intensity cd: 19 cd* – measured ref. to I.E.S.
Lens colours: Amber, Blue, Clear (White L.E.D),
Green, Red & Yellow
Lens type: Prismatic (standard) or plain
Dimensions: 462.9 × 135mm
Mounting: Surface mount
Entries: 1 × 5-7mm push through grommet
Ingress protection: IP65
Housing material: High impact ABS (UL94V0 & 5VA)
Lens material: High impact PC (UL94V0 f1)
Terminals: 0.5 to 1.5mm²
Operating temp: -25 to +50°C [-13° to +122°F]
Storage temp: -40 to +70°C [-40° to +158°F]
Relative humidity: 90% at 20°C [68°F]
Weight: 606g/1.33Ibs
*SPL data +/-3dB(A). Measured at optimum voltage.
*Candela measurements representative of performance with clear lens at optimum voltage.

Part Codes

Version: Part code:
10-30V dc H110TL030G/*
48V dc H110TL048G/*
90-260V ac H110TL230G/*
* = Lens colour: A: Amber, B: Blue, C: Clear,
G: Green, R: Red, Y: Yellow


  • GOST-R approved: POCC GB-JB05-H00144.

Beacon current consumption

Version: Voltage: Current:
10-30V dc 12V dc 265mA
10-30V dc 24V dc 130mA
48V dc 48V dc 70mA
90-260V ac/dc 115V dc 17mA
90-260V ac/dc 230V dc 9mA
90-260V ac/dc 115V ac 50/60Hz 90mA
90-260V ac/dc 230V ac 50/60Hz 50mA

Beacon modes

Mode: Stage 1 Stage2 [DC only]
1 All L.E.D’s on Alternate Side Flash 2Hz
2 Rotating: Slow1 Alternate Side Flash 2Hz
3 Single Strike Flash 2Hz Rotating: Fast 2
4 Rotating: Fast 1 Single Strike Flash 2Hz
5 Rotating: Slow 2 Double Strike Flash 1Hz
6 Double Strike Flash 2Hz Rotating: Fast 2
7 Rotating: Fast 2 Double Strike Flash 2Hz
8 Double Strike Flash 1Hz Alternate Side Flash 2Hz
9 Alternate Side Flash 2Hz Rotating: Fast 2

Horn current consumption

Version: Voltage: Current:
10-30V dc 12V dc 52mA
10-30V dc 24V dc 105mA
48V dc 48V dc 42mA
90-260V ac/dc 115V dc 16mA
90-260V ac/dc 230V dc 8mA
90-260V ac/dc 115V ac 50/60Hz 36mA
90-260V ac/dc 230V ac 50/60Hz 18mA

Tone Table

Stage 1 *WAV file* Frequency Description. Stg 2
T 1 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/424/424/33c1c60f3/original/TF052.WAV Electro-mechanical diaphragm horn sound T 2
T 2 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/386/386/ceb4e488c/original/TF009.WAV 1200/500Hz @ 1Hz – DIN / PFEER P.T.A.P. T 1
T 3 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/392/392/68d5d1294/original/TF029.WAV 800/1000Hz @ 7Hz Sweeping T 2
Country specific or custom tone configurations and alarm frequencies are available upon request.

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