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E2S is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of high performance audible and visual signals, manual call points and push buttons for life safety applications in commercial, industrial, marine, onshore and offshore ordinary and hazardous locations.

Combining the latest technology with over 30 years of engineering expertise we have created the most extensive range of life saving signals and controls that satisfy the toughest global standards.

New Products

GNExB2X05 Xenon Strobe Beacon

GNExB2X05 Xenon Strobe Beacon

The GNExB2X05 is a globally approved explosion proof 5 Joule Xenon beacon. The robust corrosion proof GRP enclosure and extended temperature range ensures suitability for all Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 and Class I Div 2 hazardous location applications.

STExB2X05 Xenon Strobe Beacon

STExB2X05 Xenon Strobe Beacon

The STExB2X05 is a globally approved explosion proof 5 Joule Xenon beacon. The robust corrosion proof 316L stainless steel enclosure ensures suitability for all Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 and Class I Div 2 hazardous location signalling applications.

AL105NX Alarm Horn Sounder & Xenon Strobe Beacon

AL105NX Alarm Horn Sounder & Xenon Strobe Beacon

The AL105NX is the industry standard for combined audible and visual signalling. The high output 113dB(A) alarm horn sounder is combined with a 5 Joule, 200cd Xenon strobe beacon. CPR compliant, EN54-3 & EN54-23 tested and UL/cUL approved for private mode fire use. Featuring 64 alarm tone frequencies and 4 remotely activated stages/channels.

Selected Projects

D1xs1f red

Hawiyah Unayzah Gas Reservoir Storage Phase 2 F&G - Saudi Arabia

Customer: Saudi Aramco

D1xS1F D1xB2X05

1 21 130 bexbg15dp r

Borouge 2 - New Polypropylene Plant - UAE

Customer: Borouge (Abu Dhabi Polymers)

BExBG15 BExL25 MA1F MBX10 BExS110

1 21 110 bexbg05dp r

Ain Sokhna NCIC Nitrogen Fertilizer Complex - Egypt

Customer: El Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals

BExBG05 BExS110

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Latest News

Next generation SIL rated warning signals

E2S Warning Signals, the world's leading independent manufacturer of life safety notification signals for industrial, marine and hazardous areas, are pleased to announce their next generation of SIL1 and SIL2 compliant warning devices. The D1x, GNEx, STEx, AlertAlarm and AlertAlight ranges of alarm horn sounders, LED and Xenon Strobe beacons, plus combination sounders with beacons, are now available with SIL1 and SIL2 compliance as standard. This globally approved range of signals provide the ultimate in life safety notification in both hazardous area and safe area applications.

New & Upgraded Alarm Horn Sounders & Combination Signals - D1xS & D1xC

E2S Warning Signals are pleased to announce new products and significant upgrades to the D1xS explosion proof alarm horn sounder ranges and the DxC1 combined sounder with Xenon beacon. *NEW PRODUCT:* For applications requiring the maximum audible warning effectiveness E2S have now launched the D1xS2H With a maximum sound pressure level output of *127dB(A)* at 1 metre (118dB(A) at 10 feet) the new '2H' super high output flare horn design ensures unparalleled levels of audibility in explosion proof applications.

AlertAlarm, AlertAlight & Sonora product series upgrade

E2S Warning Signals is now pleased to announce from the 1st June 2021, the release of the latest iteration of the AlertAlarm, AlertAlight & Sonora ranges. Upgrades have been implemented to both enclosures and electronics to create the universal solution for industrial, marine and ordinary location applications. The AlertAlarm & AlertAlight products now contain the standard E2S set of 64 international alarm tones and 4 remotely activated stages/channels. First and second stage tones can be set individually permitting greater flexibility in tone choice. Voltage supply ranges have been extended to assist with product selection whilst in-rush has been minimised. Pluggable, duplicated terminals facilitate Class A wiring and reduce installation time.

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