New & Upgraded Alarm Horn Sounders & Combination Signals - D1xS & D1xC

New & Upgraded Alarm Horn Sounders & Combination Signals – D1xS & D1xC

E2S Warning Signals are pleased to announce new products and significant upgrades to the D1xS explosion proof alarm horn sounder ranges and the DxC1 combined sounder with Xenon beacon.

NEW PRODUCT: For applications requiring the maximum audible warning effectiveness E2S have now launched the D1xS2H With a maximum sound pressure level output of 127dB(A) at 1 metre (118dB(A) at 10 feet) the new ‘2H’ super high output flare horn design ensures unparalleled levels of audibility in explosion proof applications.

UPGRADES: All D1xS alarm horn sounders and the D1xC combination alarm horn sounders with Xenon strobe have been upgraded and now feature new horn electronics utilising the latest in D class amplifier technology providing improved sound output levels, superior in-rush control and a full range volume control. Now tropicalised as standard ensuring suitability for the harshest of environments.
In addition to existing Class I Division 1 and Class I Zone 1, approvals now include IECEx and ATEX. The 24Vdc versions are certified to UL standards UL464 and UL1638 plus ULC standards CAN/ULC-S526 and S526 ensuring suitability for use in fire alarm systems. The extended installation temperature ranges of-55°C to +85°C / -67° to +185°F for NEC/CEC Class I Div 1 and Zone 1 and -55°C to +75°C / -67° to +167°F for IECEx and ATEX applications ensure compliance in the most extreme conditions.†

  • D1xS1F short flare horn product versions producing up to 115dB(A) SPL with a maximum current consumption of only 221mA.
  • D1xS1R radial horn versions are compact sounders with an SPL of up to 113dB(A) and providing an omnidirectional sound dispersion.
  • D1xS2F long flare versions now feature two user selectable power modes enabling a choice of the standard 120dB(A) SPL or the high output setting creating a 123dB(A) alarm.
  • D1xS2H super high output versions now features an enhanced flare horn design creating a sound level output of up to 127dB(A).

The 64 alarm tones include internationally recognised frequencies and patterns and the first and second stages can be selected independently of each other. For non-standard alarm tones and alarm stage configurations, E2S provide customisation to meet specific requirements.
The four alarm stages/channels can be remotely activated via common positive or negative switching. New cabling configurations permit both reverse and standard polarity line monitoring across multiple alarm stages. Additionally, the four of the alarm stages can be activated and line monitored via independent outputs – ideal for use with PLC based systems employing line monitoring modules on each channel.

The D1xC combination alarm horn sounders with integrated Xenon strobe beacons also benefit from these extensive upgrades, providing the most comprehensive range of audio-visual notification devices for explosion proof environments. The horn and strobe can be powered simultaneously or individually and the innovative arrangement of electronics and threaded enclosure simplifies installation. The compact yet powerful D1xC signals can be mounted in any orientation and now features two mounting bracket options: the standard ratchet adjustable multi-purpose U bracket or the new surface mount bracket ideal for applications with restricted space or when using rigid conduit. All mounting brackets, plus the beacon guards on the D1xC combination signal are now A4 316 Stainless Steel as standard.

Model specific – please see full product web page, data sheet and installation manual for full details.