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STExC1X05F Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe Beacon 1-23-090

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The STExC1X05F is a UL, cUL, IECEx and ATEX certified alarm horn sounder featuring a re-entrant flare horn. The robust 316L stainless steel enclosure is approved for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 explosion proof signalling applications.
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Bracket/Guard material
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Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe Beacon

Upgraded Product

  • New D Class amplifier technology
  • Reduced in-rush
  • A4 316 stainless steel bracket as standard
  • Tropicalised electronics
  • New stage activation and line monitoring capability


Featuring 64 alarm tone sounds, each of the available 4 stage/channels can be remotely triggered. Class D amplification provides a high sound output at optimum operating current. The threaded flameproof joint, multiple cable entries and duplicated, pluggable termination simplifies both installation and routine maintenance. SIL1 & SIL2 Route 2H compliant to IEC61508 (2010) as standard.


Datasheet Datasheet.pdf
Install manual: Product version [A] D199-01-601-IS_Issue_6__STExC1X05_.pdf
Installation Manual - Russian D199-00-601-IS-RUS_Issue_3_STExC1X05.pdf
INMETRO Installation Manual D199-00-601-IS-IEx_Issue_B_STExC1X05.pdf
IECEx certificate IECEx_ULD_16.0017X_004_STEx.pdf
ATEX certificate DEMKO_16_ATEX_1466X_Rev4_STEx.pdf
UL certificate of compliance UL_CoC_-_20220525-E230764_Vol.1_Sec.5_STExS__STExC.pdf
UKCA Certificate UL21UKEX2019X_Rev1_STEx.pdf
INMETRO certificate IEx20.0156X_R1_STExS_L_B_C_J.pdf
Ex EAC TR CU 012/2011 Certificate RU_-GB.65..01252_21.pdf
ECAS Ex Approval ECAS_22-07-19231-E22-07-045076-NB0007_STEx_Range.pdf
Declaration of Conformity DC-070_Issue_H_STEx.pdf
Declaration of Conformity UKCA DC-100_Issue_A_STEx_UKCA.pdf
SIL Certificate: Product version [A] T1072-215-2_SIL2_SIL1_2H__D1xS_D1xC_STExS_STExC_GNExS_A112N_AL112N_A121_AL121_MA_.pdf
2D drawing (PDF) D199-05-601_Issue_1_STExC1X05F_.pdf
2D drawing (DWG) D199-05-601_Issue_1_STExC1X05F_.DWG
3D drawing (STEP) D199-05-601-3D_Issue_1_STExC1X05F_.STEP
Wiring Schematic DC voltage D190-06-301_Issue_1.pdf
Wiring Schematic AC voltage D190-06-305_Issue_1.pdf
Nameplate Drawing D199-09-601_Issue_2_STExC.pdf
Pipe Mount Drawing (PDF) D217-05-681_Issue_B_STExC.pdf


  • Maximum sound pressure level output of 115dB(A)
  • Choice of 64 alarm tone frequencies
  • 4 remotely selectable alarm stages/channels
  • Positive or negative line stage/channel switching
  • Automatic synchronisation on multi-beacon & sounder systems
  • User selectable strobe flash rates
  • Field replaceable lens colour filter
  • Ratchet adjustable 316 stainless steel bracket
  • Triple cable entries
  • Available with custom tone configurations and frequencies
  • Robust corrosion proof 316L stainless steel enclosure


Alarm Horn:
Maximum output: 115dB(A) @ 1 m +/- 3dB [109dB(A) @ 10ft/3m +/- 3dB]
Nominal output: 110dB(A) @ 1m +/- 3dB [106dB(A) @ 10ft/3m] +/- 3dB
No. of tones: 64 (UKOOA / PFEER compliant)
No. of stages: 4
Volume control: Full range
Effective range: 125m/410ft @ 1KHz
Voltages DC: 12Vdc (11.5-14Vdc), 24Vdc (20-28Vdc), 48Vdc (42-54Vdc
Voltages AC: 230vac (220-240vac)
Stage switching: DC units: negative or positive
AC units: common supply line
Strobe Beacon:
Energy: 5 Joules (5Ws)
Flash rates: 1Hz flash (60 fpm)
1.5Hz flash (90 fpm)
Double flash (120 fpm)
Eff. Intensity: 143 cd* – measured ref. to I.E.S.
Peak Candela: 46,976 cd* – measured ref. to I.E.S.
Eff. Intensity: 250 cd – calculated from energy (J)
Peak Candela: 500,000 cd – calculated from energy (J)
Lens colours: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Magenta, Red & Yellow
Tube life : Emissions are reduced to 70% after 5 million flashes
Safety Integrity Level: SIL1 and SIL2 Route 2H IEC61508 (2010)
Ingress protection: EN60529: IP66
Enclosure material: 316L Stainless Steel
Enclosure colour: Red
Enclosure finish: Chromate & powder coated finish
Cable entries: 3 x M20x1.5mm
Stopping plugs included
Stopping plugs: Stainless Steel
Terminals: 0.5 – 2.5mm² (20-14 AWG)
Pluggable & duplicated terminals
Line monitoring: Diode polarized for use in supervised circuits
Blocking diode for reverse polarity monitoring
Ground/Earth stud: M5
Line monitoring: Blocking diode included
EOL Min. 500 Ohm 2W, or 3k3 Ohm 0.5W resistor
or diode (DC versions) can be fitted
Enclosure volume: <2 litres
Installation temp: -50° to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F)
Storage temp: -50° to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F)
Relative humidity: 95% – Additional tropicalisation is recommended for applications where both high relative humidity and high ambient temperatures exist
Weight: 7.45kg/16.42lbs

Current Consumption

Alarm Horn Nominal
Xenon Strobe Nominal
Combined Nominal
Combined Max.
12Vdc 11.5-14Vdc 221mA 678mA 885mA 920mA
24Vdc 20-28Vdc 185mA 323mA 508mA 555mA
48Vdc 42-54Vdc 115mA 198mA 325mA 420mA
230Vac 220-240Vac
48mA 79mA 127mA 149mA

Part Codes

Part Code: Identifier: Description:
Product type: STExC1X05 STExC1 Combined Alarm
Horn type: F Flare re-entrant horn
Voltage: DC012
Cable entries:[e] A
3 x M20x1.5mm
2 × 1/2" NPT – adaptors
2 × 3/4" NPT – adaptors
2 x M25x1.5mm – adaptors
1 × 1/2" NPT – adaptor
1 × 3/4" NPT – adaptor
1 x M25x1.5mm – adaptor
Stopping plug/
adaptor material: [m]
Nickel Plated
Stainless Steel (standard)
Bracket / Guard material: [s] 1
A4 316 Stainless Steel
A4 316 St/St with Equip. Tag
Product version: [v] A UL, cUL, IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC, INMETRO – SIL1 & SIL2
Note: UL, cUL approval not applicable to 12Vdc or 115Vac variants
Product option: [o] 1
Standard product
Custom alarm tone software – contact E2S
Custom configuration – contact E2S
Stage control Config. 4
Stage control Config. 5 (DC) and Config. 2 (AC)
Enclosure colour: [x] R
Special colour – contact E2S
Lens colour: [y] A, B, C
G, M, R
Amber, Blue, Clear
Green, Magenta, Red

Pole Mount Bracket Kit 2" St/St A4 (316)
Sunshade – St/St A4 (316)


  • UL/cUL – File ref: E230764
  • IECEx ULD 16.0017X
  • ATEX DEMKO 16 ATEX 1466X
  • TR-CU Ex EAC certificate: RU С-GB.НА65.В.01252_21
  • INMETRO IEx 20.0156X


  • NEC / Class / Zone (24Vdc & 230Vac only)
    Class I Zone 1 AEx db IIC T4 Ta -50°C to +70°C
    Class I Zone 1 AEx db IIC T5 Ta -50°C to +50°C (AC: 48°C)
  • CEC / Class / Zone (24Vdc & 230Vac only)
    Class I Zone 1 Ex db IIC T4 Ta -50°C to +70°C
    Class I Zone 1 Ex db IIC T5 Ta -50°C to +50°C (AC: 45°C)
  • NEC / CEC Class / Div (24Vdc & 230Vac only)
    Class I Div 2 ABCD T4 Ta -50°C to +70°C
    Class I Div 2 ABCD T5 Ta -50°C to +50°C (AC: 45°C)
  • IECEx / ATEX
    II 2G Ex db IIC Gb T4 Ta -50°C to +70°C
    II 2G Ex db IIC Gb T5 Ta -50°C to +50°C (AC: 45°C)
    II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db T114°C Ta -50°C to +70°C (AC: T117°C)

Effective Candela lens colour factor

Amber Blue Clear Green Magenta Red Yellow
0.59 0.27 1.00 0.51 0.34 0.15 0.85

Tone Table

Stage 1 WAV file Frequency Description. Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
T1 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/405/405/214ccf82a/original/TF037.WAV 1000 Continuous PFEER Toxic Gas Any T2 T44
T2 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/386/386/ceb4e488c/original/TF009.WAV 1200/500 @ 1Hz Sweeping DIN/PFEER P.T.A.P. Any T3 T44
T3 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/412/412/fa8b418f9/original/TF045.WAV 1000 @ 0.5Hz (1s on, 1s off) Intermittent PFEER Gen. Alarm Any T2 T44
T4 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/383/383/11797b764/original/TF019.WAV 1.4KH-1.6KHz 1s, 1.6KHz-1.4KHz 0.5s NF C 48-265 Any T24 T1
T5 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/382/382/2c2978b6a/original/TF017.WAV 544(100mS)/440 (400mS) NF S 32-001 Any T19 T1
T6 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/947/947/8f040484a/original/TF053.wav 1500/500 – (0.5s on , 0.5s off) x3 + 1s gap AS4428 Any T44 T1
T7 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/944/944/890010fd0/original/TF054.wav 500-1500Hz Sweeping 2 sec on 1 sec off AS4428 Any T44 T1
T8 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/417/417/abf396de0/original/TF003.WAV 500/1200Hz @ 0.26Hz(3.3s on, 0.5s off) NEN 2575 Any T24 T35
T9 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/953/953/5deedc543/original/TF055.wav 1000 (1s on, 1s off)x7 + (7s on, 1s off) IMO Code 1a Any T34 T1
T10 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/952/952/3a041fde3/original/TF056.wav 1000 (1s on, 1s off)x7 + (7s on, 1s off) IMO Code 1a Any T34 T1
T11 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/946/946/761de34c6/original/TF057.wav 420(0.5s on, 0.5s off)x3 + 1s gap ISO 8201 Temporal Any T1 T8
T12 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/945/945/689d9405a/original/TF058.wav 1000(0.5s on, 0.5s off)x3 + 1s gap ISO 8201 Temporal Any T1 T8
T13 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/950/950/2d337d14e/original/TF059.wav 422/775 (0.85 on, 0.5 off) x3 + 1s gap NFPA Temporal Any T1 T8
T14 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/399/399/84b54dafb/original/TF034.WAV 1000/2000 @ 1Hz – Singapore Any T3 T35
T15 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/393/393/744c6f53f/original/TF030.WAV 300 Continuous Any T24 T35
T16 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/391/391/5f7a58b54/original/TF028.WAV 440 Continuous Any T24 T35
T17 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/948/948/c697b364a/original/TF060.wav 470 Continuous Any T24 T35
T18 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/949/949/7e429e658/original/TF061.wav 500 Continuous IMO code 2 (Low) Any T24 T35
T19 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/390/390/10abe0caa/original/TF027.WAV 554 Continuous Any T24 T35
T20 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/384/384/5c30f9f4d/original/TF020.WAV 660 Continuous Any T24 T35
T21 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/380/380/06feaa7b3/original/TF015.WAV 800 Continuous IMO code 2 (High) Any T24 T35
T22 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/406/406/49b88184e/original/TF043.WAV 1200 Continuous Any T24 T35
T23 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/407/407/ecce63f4f/original/TF038.WAV 2000 Continuous Any T3 T35
T24 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/421/421/b578af8a9/original/TF005.WAV 2400 Continuous Any T20 T35
T25 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/951/951/d9ce2b2c6/original/TF062.wav 440 @ 0.83Hz (0.60s on, 0.60s off) Intermittent Any T44 T8
T26 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/954/954/b703d99f1/original/TF063.wav 470 @ 0.9Hz (0.55s on, 0.55s off) Intermittent Any T44 T8
T27 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/955/955/0f602886a/original/TF064.wav 470 @ 5Hz (0.10s on, 0.10s off) Intermittent Any T44 T8
T28 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/956/956/dbb5f64db/original/TF065.wav 544 @ 1.14Hz (0.43s on, 0.44s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T29 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/957/957/7bd3d8c1c/original/TF066.wav 655 @ 0.875Hz (0.57s on, 0.57s off) Intermittent Any T44 T8
T30 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/397/397/d6d84d0c3/original/TF018.WAV 660 @ 0.28Hz (1.80s on, 1.80s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T31 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/381/381/93f51c79a/original/TF016.WAV 660 @ 3.3Hz (0.15s on, 0.15s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T32 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/410/410/a0f0ba2a6/original/TF033.WAV 745 @ 1Hz (0.50s on, 0.50s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T33 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/379/379/51c1bb5a9/original/TF014.WAV 800 (0.25s on, 1.00s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T34 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/388/388/b4cf9203e/original/TF023.WAV 800 @ 2Hz (0.25s on, 0.25s off) IMO code 3.a (High) Any T24 T8
T35 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/377/377/ac5498db0/original/TF011.WAV 1000 @ 1Hz (0.50s on, 0.50s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T36 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/378/378/6380218ec/original/TF013.WAV 2400 @ 1Hz (0.50s on, 0.50s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T37 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/958/958/a90e62da4/original/TF067.wav 2900 @ 5Hz (0.10s on, 0.10s off) Intermittent Any T24 T8
T38 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/959/959/f34b52faa/original/TF068.wav 363/518 @ 1Hz (0.50s/0.50s) Alternating Any T8 T19
T39 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/960/960/368703340/original/TF069.wav 450/500 @ 2Hz (0.25s/0.25s) Alternating Any T8 T19
T40 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/385/385/a85a0a356/original/TF021.WAV 554/440 @ 1Hz (0.50s/0.50s) Alternating Any T24 T19
T41 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/961/961/be2680966/original/TF070.wav 554/440 @ 0.65Hz (0.76s/0.76s) Alternating Any T8 T19
T42 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/962/962/314fe8a1b/original/TF071.wav 561/760 @ 0.83Hz (0.60s/0.60s) Alternating Any T8 T19
T43 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/963/963/5f6deb8a1/original/TF072.wav 780/600 @ 0.96Hz (0.52s/0.52s) Alternating Any T8 T19
T44 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/419/419/e353c86c4/original/TF002.WAV 800/1000 @ 2Hz (0.25s/0.25s) Alternating Any T24 T19
T45 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/419/419/e353c86c4/original/TF002.WAV 970/800 @ 2Hz (0.25s/0.25s) Alternating Any T8 T19
T46 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/375/375/771bd7a3e/original/TF012.WAV 800/1000 @ 0.875Hz (0.57s/0.57s) Alternating Any T24 T19
T47 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/374/374/021ee6540/original/TF010.WAV 2400/2900 @ 2Hz (0.25s/0.25s) Alternating Any T24 T19
T48 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/965/965/e3d76c24c/original/TF073.wav 500/1200 @ 0.3Hz (1.67s/1.67s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T49 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/964/964/4e1cd3f7f/original/TF074.wav 560/1055 @ 0.18Hz (2.73s/2.73s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T50 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/966/966/a8e5f4440/original/TF075.wav 560/1055 @ 3.3Hz (0.15s/0.15s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T51 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/969/969/5734194b1/original/TF076.wav 600/1250 @ 0.125Hz (4s/4s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T52 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/394/394/1bfee2f1b/original/TF031.WAV 660/1200 @ 1Hz (0.50s/0.50s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T53 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/420/420/50f9ee7a7/original/TF004.WAV 800/1000 @ 1Hz (0.50s/0.50s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T54 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/392/392/68d5d1294/original/TF029.WAV 800/1000 @ 7Hz (0.07s/0.07s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T55 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/389/389/68683d240/original/TF024.WAV 800/1000 @ 50Hz (0.01s/0.01s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T56 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/422/422/42b72dd93/original/TF006.WAV 2400/2900 @ 7Hz (0.07s/0.07s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T57 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/373/373/a686b0abe/original/TF007.WAV 2400/2900 @ 1Hz (0.50s/0.50s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T58 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/398/398/7c1bf5e00/original/TF025.WAV 2400/2900 @ 50Hz (0.01s/0.01s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T59 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/967/967/2e92dbc46/original/TF077.wav 2500/3000 @ 2Hz (0.25s/0.25s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T60 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/968/968/5dfcb9aea/original/TF078.wav 2500/3000 @ 7.7Hz (0.65s/0.65s) Sweeping Any T24 T12
T61 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/408/408/e0fadcdd2/original/TF042.WAV 800Hz Motor Siren Any T24 T12
T62 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/404/404/1c1741943/original/TF041.WAV 1200Hz Motor Siren Any T24 T12
T63 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/409/409/590aa5e82/original/TF044.WAV 2400Hz Motor Siren Any T24 T12
T64 /system/1/assets/files/000/000/395/395/631e82dc8/original/TF026.WAV Simulated Bell Any T21 T12
Country specific or custom tone configurations and alarm frequencies are available upon request.

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