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Guide For Hazardous Areas

IP and NEMA Type Ratings

Ingress protection / enclosure types
EN and IEC standard 60529 defines a two-digit IP code. The first number the protection against solid objects and dust, the second number protection against water ingress.

How do IP ratings compare with NEMA Type ratings?
NEMA enclosure types follow a different system and they cannot be directly converted or compared to an IP rating. NEMA enclosure types can be approximately converted to IP rating but IP rating cannot be converted to NEMA enclosure types. Equipment may carry several NEMA ratings.

IP ratings according to EN / IEC 60529
First numeral Protection from solid objects Second numeral      Protection from water ingress
0 No special protection 0 No special protection
1 Objects > 50mm diameter 1 Vertically dripping water
2 Objects > 12.5mm diameter
2 Vertically dripping water when enclosure tilted by 15°
3 Objects > 2.5mm diameter
3 Sprayed water up to 60°
4 Objects > 1.0mm diameter
4 Sprayed water from all directions
5 Dust protected 5 Water jets
6 Dust tight 6 Powerful water jets

7 Temporary submersion to a depth of 1m
8 Extended submersion to a depth of  >1m

Enclosure types according to NEMA 250

Type of enclosure
1 2 3 3X 3R 3RX 3S 3SX 4 4X 5 6 6P 12 12K 13
Indoor use

Outdoor use

Protection against Access to hazardous parts

Ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt)

Ingress of solid foreign objects (windblown dust, lint, fibres and flyings)

Ingress of water (dripping, light splashing)

Ingress of solid foreign objects (circulating dust, lint, fibres and flyings)

Ingress of solid foreign objects (settling airborne dust, lint, fibres and flyings)

Ingress of water (hosedown and splashing water)

Oil and coolant seepage

Oil and coolant spraying and splashing

Corrosive agents

Ingress of water (occassional temporary submersion)

Ingress of water (occassional prolonged submersion)

Ingress of water (rain, snow and sleet)

External mechanisms operable when ice laden 

Approximate IP rating equivalent 20 22 55 55 24 24 55 55 66 66 52 67 68 54 54 54

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