Auto-synchronizing UL1971 LED beacon for Haz Loc

Unique UL Class I/II Div 2 LED beacon warning light for public fire system signalling

E2S Warning Signals is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of audible and visual warning signals for use in fire detection systems installed in commercial, industrial and hazardous areas. Enabling fire detection systems to be extended into hazardous areas to increase life safety, E2S has introduced the unique D2xB1LD2-H, designed for applications requiring compliant signals to UL1638 & UL1971 for public mode fire alarm installation as emergency signalling devices for the hearing impaired. It can also be used in private mode fire systems and general signalling applications. It is UL/cUL approved for Class I/II Div 2 and Class I Zone 2/22 use in gas and dust atmospheres. IECEx and ATEX Zones 2 and 22 certification means that it is suitable for installation almost anywhere in the world.

The D2xB1LD2-H is a UL1971 automatically synchronized supervised hazardous location LED beacon with an industry-leading output of 38.38cd effective candela. Innovative electronics automatically synchronize multiple beacons on the same circuit without the need for additional modules on the power line or the use of power supplies with synchronization protocols, reducing overall system cost and installation time. Operating current of only 99.5mA at 24V dc reduces system power supply requirements. The high-performance Cree® LED array provides all-round visibility with an operating life in excess of 60,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs.

The D2xC2LD2-H combination device features the D2xB1LD2-H with a D2xS1 116dB(A), 64 tone UL464 alarm horn integrated into a single enclosure to create the most effective solution for audible and visual signalling, reducing cabling and installation costs. The combination signal automatically synchronises with other D2xC2LD2-H units on the same circuit without the need for additional synchronisation methods. The joint operating current is just 412.5mA at 24V dc.

Pluggable duplicate terminations mean quick installation and enable multiple units to be looped or daisy-chained without requiring additional junction boxes. Integrated monitoring diodes and user-configurable end of line options ensure compatibility with supervised control panels. The marine grade LM6 aluminium enclosure has a chromate and powder coated finish for maximum corrosion protection and conforms to NEMA Type 4/4X/3R/13 and EN60529 IP66 protection standards.