New LED beacon at O&G Asia 2017

*Oil and Gas Asia APAC debut for the new E2S ultra-bright low energy GRP LED beacon *

E2S Warning Signals are supporting its distributor Siegertech Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. on Stand 7093 at Oil and Gas Asia, 11 – 13 July 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The show is the APAC launch of the latest addition to the GNEx family, the GNExB2LD2, an IECEx and ATEX approved explosion proof high output LED multifunction beacon. The robust IP66 corrosion proof GRP enclosure and extended temperature range ensures the GNExB2LD2 is suitable for all Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous location signalling applications. E2S LED beacons use a multiple array of high power white Cree LEDs to offer significant advantages over traditional Xenon strobe technology in many applications. The typical light output level from the LED units is a very bright 338 Effective Candela, significantly higher than the 120 Effective Candela output of a 5J Xenon tube unit. E2S LED beacons have five flash rates for warning beacon uses: 1, 1.5 and 2 Hz and double and triple flashes. They also have high and low power steady modes for status indicator uses – enhancing the typical life of more than 60,000 hours. DC voltage versions feature three remotely selectable stages enabling multiple warnings to be signalled from one device.

Manufactured from lightweight and cost effective glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), the GNEx range offers outstanding corrosion resistance for use in the harshest offshore and onshore environments. The UV stable polycarbonate lenses enhance the light output; they are available in Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Magenta, Red and Yellow. The lens filters are field replaceable, enabling the reassignment of beacon function to be a simple and quick process.

Also on show is the STEx stainless steel family, manufactured in 316L and 316 grade stainless steel to give enhanced corrosion resistance and extended operational life in hostile offshore environments. The latest transducer technology in both the sounders and beacons ensures high sound and light outputs with low current draw, reducing the host system’s power requirements and potentially lowering the size of the UPS back-up capacity.

Manning stand 7093 are Neal Porter, E2S APAC Sales Manager, and JF Chin, Siegertech General Manager.