New SprectrAlarm range of combination audio-visual signals

E2S have now launched the SpectrAlarm range, which combines the audible signalling capabilities of the field-proven AlertAlarm industrial sounders and Spectra

Until now, many products available on the market were limited to a 5J Xenon beacon which is may not be powerful enough for outdoor use, especially in bright sunlight. The AB121 with its choice of 15J Xenon or Rotating mirror beacons means effective signalling in all conditions. The integral design is visually more attractive than separate units and also saves on installation time and reduces cost. The sounder and beacon can also be connected separately allowing the user to silence the alarm but leave the beacon flashing until the emergency or fault has been cleared. 

Nine separate models form the launch range: 
 • The AB105 provides a choice of 32 tones at a maximum output of 112dB(A) and a choice of a 5J Xenon strobe, a multifunction high output LED array or a 20/25W rotating beacon. 
 • The AB112 gives a choice of 45 tones at maximum of 119dB(A) and the same beacon options as the AB105. 
 • The AB121 gives a choice of 45 tones at a maximum of
126dB(A) and either a 15J Xenon strobe, a multifunction high output LED array or a 35/40W
rotating beacon. 

The SpectrAlarm combines, in one aesthetically pleasing housing, the powerful AlertAlarm sounders and the highly versatile, powerful Spectra beacons. Whether installed on fixed plant or machinery or giving general warnings as part of a fire or security system the SpectraAlarm provides optimum protection and safety signalling in a wide variety of industrial environments.

To view detailed product datasheets and further information, please choose a model below: