New product: A131 wide area alarm sounder

The latest addition to the AlertAlarm range is the A131, which with a sound output of up to 131dB(A), is ideal for plant alarm, construction sites, small COMAH sites and wide area fire alarm. Based on existing housing designs, the A131 utilises a 100W pressure
driver to generate its high output and can be used as a single horn, or in clusters of four to provide omni-directional sound output. With a choice of up to 45 different warning tones and 3 stages of alarm it can give different tones for fire, evacuation or security
alert. Battery back-up is also offered as an option, ensuring that a critical alarm can be provided even in the event of a power failure, a critical requirement for incidents such as toxic gas release. 

The new A131 has an effective range of over 250m and has a number of control options including radio control to build up a complete system with multiple activation points and siren locations. Take a look at the new Disaster Warning area on the website, where you
will find the full details on the A131 plus our other large sirens including motor driven sirens and the larger and more sophisticated A151 range.

Find out more about the A131 wide area alarm sounder here.